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The End of an era.
Posted 3/1/2015

Well after many, many years of playing and touring we are calling it quits. The business is not what it used to be and it is getting harder and harder to make any money and without money there can be no new records or tours. We have had a great time touring throughout the world and will always be grateful to all of our fans and friends. A special thank you to Cherie from Echo Eyes for being such a good friend and manager.

Also a big thank you to our endorsing companies, Dunlop, Spear guitars, Tsunami Cables, Coffin Case, SKB, EV, Skulldust clothing and TRX cymbals. Also thanks to Rick at RDC Designs for making us a great website and maintaining it for all these years. Without the help from these great companies we would not have been able to do the things we did.

You can still purchase our CD, vinyl and many other items on the Attackhead website for the next few months.

Stay Metal!!